We work with reputable architects and draftspeople across Melbourne to deliver designs that suit the needs of every individual homeowner.

To simplify the design and build process, we can handle your project from early concept plans to the final handover. Managing the process from start to finish allows a smooth transition into the construction phase, and helps ensure there’s nothing left off the final plan that could cause problems later.

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We love creating spaces for people to enjoy, and making sure they work both aesthetically and functionally for all those who inhabit them. We also deal with the details so you don’t have to, such as building permits, town planning, heritage permits, energy ratings and more. Below is a breakdown of the process, from concept to completion.

Step 1: Requirements gathering

Our design consultant will meet with you to get an idea of who you are, what you like and what you need. They’ll then put together a brief on the feasibility of the project and prepare an estimated budget.

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Step 2: Initial concepts

You’ll receive draft concept plans based on your brief and budget to approve. Amendments will be made as needed to ensure you’re happy with the final concept.

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Step 3: Detailed plans and costs

A detailed budget and preliminary specifications are provided. Once approved, we’ll complete working drawings, engineering plans and obtain an energy rating report.

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Step 4: Project sign-off

The project timeline is discussed and a fixed price contract sum and detailed specification is provided. A construction contract is then signed.

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Step 5: Construction

Work on site commences. As it progresses, we’ll hold regular meetings to provide you with updates and benchmark against the contract price.

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Step 6: Handover

Once work is completed to your satisfaction, we’ll provide you with an occupancy permit or certificate of final inspection and then debrief to make sure you’re happy as a clam.

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