If you love where you live but starting to feel a bit squeezed, a home extension is likely the answer. Often the addition of little people, older people or even a new hobby requires some extra room – or at least storage space. We can help you find a clever solution that will fit whatever your lifestyle requires.

An additional room or extended living space not only makes your home more liveable; it often results in an increase in value – which makes house extensions such an attractive choice for home owners looking to build equity in their home.

Whether you’ve got plans approved and are ready to go, or need help coming up with a solution that fits within your budget, we can help.

We have expertise in all types of extensions, including specialised knowledge in extensions and restorations for heritage homes. You may simply like us to handle the build, but if you prefer a simple all-in-one solution we can also partner with reputable architects and draftspeople across Melbourne to take your project from concept through to completion.

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Extensions and renovations are what we’re experts in and what we love to do best. Call us soft-hearted but there’s something very satisfying about taking an existing and often well-loved home and transforming it into a dream version that’s a perfect fit for its inhabitants.

Aside from our passion about what we do, there’s another big reason customers choose to work with us (and refer us on to their friends)… We provide fixed costs and completion dates – along with top quality results.

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We’d love to hear about your project and give you a free, no-obligation quote.

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