Combining a contemporary style by the coast

By the coast of Mornington, this home is a complete refurb with a turn key solution including furniture and smooth finishes – combining the feel of coastal living with a contemporary interior for a modernised, open and minimalist looking space.

Our dynamic duo and home experts Marcus and Abbey Elliott worked together with the team at Kube Constructions to refurbish this coastal property to create a contemporary coastal home with a modern, yet tranquil and contemporary feel.

This property was completely revitalised with bright and clean colours to reflect the natural light that shines throughout this home. In addition to this, the use of white tiles and Kustom timber flooring alludes to the calming nature of the beautiful coastal surroundings of Mornington.

The clean colours perfectly compliment the touches of nature such as indoor as well as outdoor plants throughout the home. This portrays the relaxed, minimalist and contemporary living by the coast.

Our team was committed to transforming this Mornington home, with a clear design in mind, into a modern and refreshing space for coastal as well as luxurious living that could be enjoyed by couples and families alike.

Natural light & contemporary design

This home is fitted with velux skylights that allow natural light to sweep through the house, reflecting off the clean white walls and allowing the natural timber flooring to absorb the heat, leaving the hallways warm, bright and inviting.

Downlights and feature lighting are embedded throughout the home, which is perfect for allowing a soft ambient glow throughout the house in the early mornings and evenings as the colours of dawn and dusk peek out from the skylights.

The natural toned Kustom timber flooring covers the hallways and complements the clean, white walls naturally, allowing for a perfect tranquil feel to this home.

Minimalistic bathroom finishes

Terrazzo bathroom tiles coupled with blue handmade Japanese finger tiles give the bathroom a calm and beachy feel – alluding to the coastal surroundings of the property and ties in the home’s contemporary-coastal inspired design as well.

With an oval mirror, a pristine white marble countertop atop a wooden vanity, a wide shower head as well as gold accents for handles and taps to contrast with the blue and cream coloured tiles, the ensuite maintains a neutral feel to match the rest of the home and remains minimal in design.

Whilst the other bathroom in the home allows for a clean, simple look using terrazzo bathroom tiles speckled with different textures as well as white japanese finger tiles. A similar oval mirror hangs above a vanity coated in a cream finish with a stark white countertop and basin, which also has a gold tap – giving it a minimal, yet luxurious feel by also having a modern bathtub and shower on either side of the vanity.

Spacious kitchen inspired by natural elements

The kitchen boasts a coastal and minimalist feel, with 2pac finish on the kitchen joinery cabinets and the durability of porcelain benchtops. Also utilising black kitchen accessories and sink to create a contrast to the rest of the kitchen.

Grey dining chairs surround the sturdy, yet smooth, wooden dining table with black pendant lights hanging above, creating an inviting space to share a meal with family and friends.

The white walls allow the natural light to spread throughout the space, and create a warm and open space to enjoy gathering with loved ones. There is also an opportunity to have an area for entertaining with the dark barstools that line the benchtop behind the kitchen sink – this is especially helpful for having a few extra seats near the kitchen and dining area.

Living spaces boasting of soft finishes

Meandering past the kitchen and to the living spaces around the house, two gas fireplaces boast of luxurious warm nights on the couch in the cooler seasons. With comfy, soft edged couches, geometric floor lamps and side tables as well as a set of nesting coffee tables, the lounge areas are just as inviting as the rest of the home.

There’s plenty of storage space with recessed wall shelves in the lounge area to display ornaments, books and photos. Inspired by the idyllic environment of the coast, each piece of furniture and finish chosen for the open-plan living room and lounge spaces allude to having the best space for relaxation and comfort in this home with a contemporary design and feel overall.

The walls are a stark white that contrasts with the tan coloured furniture and Kustom timber flooring throughout the house, creating a warm, cosy and coastal feel, yet also upholding contemporary living with some of the unique finishes such as white shutters, sheer curtains and home accessories.

“Working with Kube has been an easy process, hassle free. You hear a lot of build jobs that turns into a nightmare and really, we experienced nothing like that. Really we could do this every year, it was that easy. “

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