Preserving old charm with a modern home extension

Nestled in the cosy streets of Malvern, this Nicholls street home exuded old Victorian charms – yet was overdue for a revitalised look and feel, suited for our modern times. 

With the help from our team at Kube Constructions and Ben from Tecture Architects, our team worked closely with the Nicholl’s street family to create a bespoke, modern, and functional extension for the home – challenging the notion that even the modest of period homes can feel grandeur, luxurious and fitting for the 21st century. 

Wedged between two narrow homes on either side, the home wasn’t able to capture the radiant natural sunlight into the living spaces – and a brightly lit, warm home was perfectly what the homeowners wanted in their new revitalised abode. 

Plus, with a growing family and young kids, enjoying a spacious and open-wide home for friends/family gatherings, parties, and other memorable events were at top of mind for our clients. 

With a firm understanding of the brief and clear vision of the perfect dream home for our client, our team set out on expanding the Nicholl’s street period home for a refreshed and revitalised take on luxury home living.

Radiating light & modern aesthetics

The home’s showpiece is staged in the kitchen, boasting 3.3 metre high ceilings that bring warmth and radiate sunlight all throughout the home. Fitted with skylights, serene marble countertops, an elegant wine column, the kitchen extension exudes clean, crisp and modern excellence in every detail. 

Pendant lights hang beautifully from the ceiling – perfect for illuminating the area for late afternoons and evening cooking. 

The kitchen is integrated with the industry’s leading appliances designed for indulgent luxury living including an induction cooktop, integrated fridge, oven from none other than Fisher & Paykel, and a lovely array of other additions.

Grandeur living areas

Step out a little further and we see a seamless transition into the open-plan living room, which emanates a relaxed, modern chic appeal perfect for those who desire the finer things in life. 

The walls are painted in a beautiful white satin coat, bouncing off the natural light into all corners of the room. Your eyes get drawn to the ceiling-high curtains, evermore convincing your senses that you’re relaxing in an expansive, spacious, and luxurious home. You’ll also find premium gas fireplaces in the home to ensure family, friends, and guests are kept comfortably cosy even in the chilliest of Melbourne winters.

Immaculate bathrooms & ensuites

Speaking of guests, this Nicholl’s street home also features a powder room that’s modern, decadent, and guaranteed to impress. 

The walls are painted in a seamless powder coat grey, featuring a wide length mirror, globe wall lights, and a beautiful marble sink with matte black wall-mounted taps. 

Transitioning to other bathrooms in the home, the kid’s bathroom showcases a more playful and colourful aesthetic, with the vanity counter coated in a Wedgewood powder coat deep blue. The room is lined with white matte mosaic tile walls, elegant wall lights, wide length wall mirrors, and a crystal clear white basin and modern ceiling showers. 

Next, enter the master ensuite featuring more pristine marble countertops and natural stone slabs – and floored with elegant porcelain tiles. Wide mirror cabinets, luminescent globe wall lights and a modern ceiling shower are yet again featured here, in line with the contemporary and modern luxury appeal of the entire home.

Another charming addition to the home that cannot be overlooked is the laundry room. With robe hooks mounted onto satin white walls and a fine quality melamine board benchtop, this uniquely designed laundry room is functional yet modern and fitting for a luxury home.

A young growing family’s dream home turned into a reality

Finally, we see the prime highlight of the Nicholls street home’s modern extension with the exterior rear view of the home. 

With the common thread of capturing maximum natural sunlight and creating ample space for this Nicholls street home, we ensured this area of the home was designed for ultimate comfort and functionality for years to come.

The rear exterior or backyard of the home features premium metal sheet roofing & panels, white powder coat finishes on the exterior walls, clear glass doors and windows to draw in more natural sunlight, and floored with quality paving tiles outside.

All of which leaves you with a beautifully revitalised old period home with an immaculate, functional and breathtaking modern extension – an epitome of luxurious home living.

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