Expectations Along Your Building Journey

Discover what to expect and experience with Kube Constructions by your side.


Sometimes life presents simultaneous exhilaration and trepidation, and the experience of building your home can be one such time! Without the right support, the experience can feel daunting – between establishing the design, calculating a budget, and then watching your vision comes to life, having a reassuring hand to guide you throughout the process can make the difference between a seamless and stressful journey.

At Kube Constructions, we take a personalised approach to every element of your building journey, using our experience to orchestrate your vision and create and assemble ideas you may not have been able to articulate.

Here’s what you can expect on your building journey with Kube Constructions.

Constant communication

Your home build will have a dedicated representative throughout your entire project. They are responsible for translating your vision and ideas into reality, and no matter what stage you’re at, they will be able to answer questions, pass on comments, or simply offer transparent and reassuring advice. Your Kube Constructions contact will also provide you with regular updates via your preferred means of communication, as well as through our online portal so you can keep up to date with every progression. As well as this, we schedule fortnightly site meetings so you get to see and touch the progress!

Simplified paperwork

As part of our offering, we look after the entire sometimes complicated reporting phase, working with our experts to produce engineering plans, soil reports and all the other paperwork that’s required when building your dream home. This way, you don’t have to follow up with third parties, or spend hours studying requirements to kick off your project.

We also submit all approvals for town planning and arrange for the required permits, meaning you can rest easy knowing the construction process is completely above board and taken care of by the people who know how to get things done first time around.

One team, one home

At Kube Constructions, we employ a hand-selected team of architects, builders, carpenters and estimators so that most of the major elements of your build remain in-house. With these experts working across every aspect of your build, this ensures quality remains high, back-and-forth between parties is reduced, and the entire project is streamlined. Your dedicated project manager will liaise with these experts throughout the entire design and build process, maintaining a clear record of all decisions so that everything is located in the one place for efficient access and referral.

We also have access to specialist long-term industry and trade partners who offer best practice, outsourced guidance and support where required.

Once we finish your home, you become part of our Client For Life Member Program, where you have access to a dedicated service and maintenance team. This team oversees our Kube Constructions’ extended warranty, providing you with an additional 12 months site inspections over and above the mandatory 3 month inspections, ensuring that your home settles and continues to function as designed.

Value-led operations

Kube Constructions is built on the values of honesty, reliability, integrity and trust. We take these into every build we complete, operating deliberately and with transparency. Simplicity is the key – throughout your construction journey, we’ll get right to the point, with the hope that you feel comfortable enough to make informed decisions every step of the way. If you’re ever feeling  unsure, we are on hand to offer expert advice so that we can deliver a home you will love on time, within budget ,and to the highest standard. We are true believers that building your home is a collaboration, so we make your priorities ours, putting you not only at the heart of your new home, but at the heart of the entire building journey.