Luxury Home Design Trends in 2023

Look into the latest luxury home building and design trends of 2023, elevating your living spaces.


In the world of luxury home design, a new year means new trends – and we’re expecting 2023 to be a big one. After a year of freedom, we are starting to turn our attention back to our homes; the sanctuaries that supported us through the past couple of years.

This year, we’ll start to move away from the minimalistic white and grey that has dominated design for the last few years. We’re saying “goodbye” to neutral, real-estate driven homes, and “hello” to exploring and discovering architectural design and building. Think sophistication and luxury, and interesting homes that prioritise quality, meaning and connection.

Keep reading to discover our top predictions for the year ahead.

Sustainability is king

We’ve seen a big shift towards sustainability over the last few years, and 2023 will be no different. We can attribute part of this trend to necessity – updates to Australia’s National Construction Code (NCC) in 2022 brought significant changes, including mandating all new homes have a minimum seven-star energy rating.

With builders and designers focusing more on sustainability, we can expect to see more homes based on passive design principles and built using eco-friendly materials. Additions like solar power, smart appliances and water saving tapware will become commonplace.

Raw and natural materials

This year, there’s a move away from man-made materials, with homeowners likely to opt for raw and natural materials instead.

In the kitchen, marble, stone and quartzite benchtops with striking veinings and soft edges are likely to be popular. Similarly, we’ll see warm-toned reclaimed timbers used for kitchen cabinetry, bathroom vanities and built-in bookshelves.

The benefit of these natural materials is two-fold – while they’re an environmentally friendly option, they also add an individual feel to the home as each piece is unique.

Architectural curves

If you’ve ever dreamed about a curved staircase or an indoor archway, 2023 is your year. We’re seeing a big comeback in this architectural trend, with many homeowners opting for curved or arched designs to break up strict lines and soften a space.

While curves themselves are nothing new – many homes feature circular mirrors, curved sofas and arched bathroom mirrors – we expect it to take on a more permanent place in the home this year. Some of our favourite interpretations of this trend come in the form of curved doorways, rounded windows and circular skylights.

Texture on texture

This trend involves layering a selection of different textures – think raised wallpaper, venetian plaster, uneven timber, textured paints – to achieve multi-dimensional spaces that spark thought and encourage creativity.

Playing with texture in this way leads to more eye-catching and interesting design, and can work beautifully in marrying contemporary extensions with heritage homes. It’s a long way from the minimalist interiors of years gone by, but we’re excited to see how this trend plays out.

Indoor-outdoor design

Indoor outdoor design is nothing new – in fact, during the pandemic we saw many homes designed to allow more of a connection with nature. In 2023, this trend is showing no sign of abating, with house plans being driven by natural light and proximity to the outdoors.

Indoor courtyards, thoughtfully designed windows, skylights and even outdoor showers are set to dominate. Any space that provides a sense of escapism through nature fits in this style.

To tie the indoors and outdoors together seamlessly, look to natural materials – like timber and stone – and colours with a warm base, like soft greens, blues and buttery shades of yellow.

Bringing it All Together

Nature, texture, and indoor-outdoor living come together under Biophilic Design Principles, where people are connected to nature through built spaces. Using design that marries people, buildings, and nature, biophilic design fosters connection through raw materials, plants, and natural light. It’s something that we at Kube Constructions have a passion for, and we’ll be exploring this concept throughout 2023.

While keeping an eye on these and other trends can be helpful, it’s always best to stay true to your own style and sensibilities when designing your own home. We encourage you to take inspiration from this blog, while considering what will work best for you and your home, and we’d love to come and meet with you to talk about your plans to design and build your own beautiful home.

If any of these trends do speak to you, our expert team can help integrate them into your luxury home design. Get in touch with Kube Constructions today and let’s start planning!