How to Create a Vision For Your Project

Learn the art of creating a vision for your project, paving the way for extraordinary results.


Building your new, custom home is both an exciting and, at times, nerve-wracking experience! You’ve probably been considering your project for a while, throwing design and layout ideas around in your head, and sketching plans on note paper.

But what if there is something out there you would love that you don’t yet know about? And what if it seems easier for you to choose what you don’t like? This is where you need a builder who collaborates with you from the very first stages of planning your new home – a builder who has the design experience and building expertise to work with you and understand your needs and wants, and then take these ideas and turn them into a realistic vision for your home.

There are a few steps involved – and we will have some news to share on this in the future – and once you know what they are, you’ll be on your way to designing, building, and living in your beautiful new home – or as we like to call it, your favourite place to be!

Read on to discover how to create a vision for building your dream home.

Start With A Moodboard         

Once you’ve decided to build your new home, it’s time to create a moodboard. Whether you prefer a digital board on Pinterest, a saved folder on Instagram, or a physical collage of magazine clippings and photos, a moodboard will help you determine the style, design, and layout of your new home.

A good moodboard captures colours and paint swatches, furniture pieces (both existing and anticipated), flooring, tapware, artwork, and any other design inspiration you can find. This is something our expert designer, Rach, lives for, and we’ve included an example of what she and one of our clients created for a recent project.

For a seamless design and build process, make sure all elements of your space are considered in the moodboard – even less prominent or exciting features like toilets, power points, and storage.

Create A List Of Needs And Wants

With your completed moodboard, you’ll have a strong idea of your new home’s look and feel. Now it’s time to delve a little deeper by creating a Needs vs Wants List. This list is exactly what it sounds like – you will write a list of things you are not prepared to compromise on in your home, and things that would be nice to have should the budget allow!

If you’re building a family home, your needs might include things such as individual bedrooms for little residents, a rumpus room, or an additional powder room. Your wants list might include an outdoor pool, a butler’s pantry, or a bespoke chandelier. In this stage it’s important to remember that you’re not just building a house; you’re creating a space to inspire you and your loved ones every day, so be honest about what you need and want in your dream home. Add every feature to the list, no matter how unrealistic it may seem.

Explore other homes

One of the best ways to create a vision for your home is by visiting other people’s houses – friends and family’s homes, display homes, and holiday houses are great places to start. Take note of the things you like and, more importantly, the things you don’t like. This could be as small as the paint colour or as big as the layout of a particular home.

Work with a professional

By now, you will have your vision for your new home. It’s at this stage, we recommend engaging an experienced builder to help refine the details so you can bring this vision to life within your budget and timeline.

At Kube Constructions we take a holistic and client-focused approach to design and construction, working closely with our clients to explore not only what they want to build but why they want to build it. We are passionate about bringing innovative ideas, insights, and solutions to the table to help our clients finalise their vision and handover their beautiful new home more efficiently than traditional builders.

We love reading through our client’s research and helping them turn moodboards and other inspiration into a realistic plan for their home. After all, a custom home needs to reflect the people who live there, and by taking the time to establish what our clients truly want, we build them homes that becomes their sanctuaries.

If you’re looking for a passionate, collaborative and hands-on builder to help you create a vision for your home, get in touch with the team at Kube Constructions today.